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Bridging Environmental Conservation and Animal Rights
"When the gap between the leaves is wider than the length of an ant . . . they chain their bodies together to form living bridges." -- Journey to the Ants: A Story of Scientific Exploration, Bert Hölldobler, Edward O. Wilson More)
Says Who?
Do you believe: Water pollution is illegal? Cage-free hens are con (More)
Ag-Gag or How to be a Terrorist in One Act of Mercy
Agricultural animals are not covered by the federal Animal Welfare Act.  Many states also exclude them from their anti-cruelty lawsMore)
The Animal Law Circus
 (x-post from Animal Blawg) There’s a story about a Canadian farmer who won a $100 million tax-free, lump sum payment i (More)
Lying and Tigers and Bears . . .
On September 24, 1980, two days after a Siberian Tiger killed his best friend Bob Wilson, my brother Jim stood in (More)
CAFOs 101
First in a Series about Animals, Agriculture and the Environment. What is a CAFO? First, let's parse. A CAFO is a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation. Some call it a Confined Animal Feeding Operation. You are already getting the idea. “Feedin (More)
Landmark “Ag Gag” Lawsuit Filed to Protect Freedom of Speech
By Stephen Wells Editor's Note: Today the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) and People for the Ethical (More)
CAFOs and Environmental Justice: The Case of North Carolina
By Wendee Nicole Editor's Note: In this post, Wendee Nicole takes us to the families that suffer in the shadows of North Carolina CAFOs. Concentrated Animal Feed (More)
Sturgeon Moon
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Which is the Greatest Show on Earth? You Decide
This is a tale of two lives. The first, an elephant's life in the United States, as a traveling Ringling Brothers entertainer. The second, an More)
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