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Chapter Six: AMERICAN LIKE ME by America Ferrera - Looking at America From a Different Perspective
  “I believe that culture shapes identity and defines possibility; that it teaches us who we are, what to believe, and how to dream. ” (xxii). - America Ferrera. American Like Me American Like Me by America Ferrera, is a collection of firs (More)
Chapter Four: 5 Ways To Save The Page In A New York Minute
Hello Susan’s Storybook fans! Welcome back to another week of everything and anything book related! This week, I really wanted to focus on creating a infographic for social media rather than just taking a quick photo or video to explain myself. For t (More)
Chapter One: How New Year's Resolutions and Social Media Can Keep You Accountable During the 2019 Reading Challenge
Hello Book Savvy people of the world! Welcome to my page, Susan’s Storybook! My name is Susan (if you couldn’t tell!), and I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Media & Communication Arts at Pace University. As a student, I have been hopi (More)
Around Town | 7th Annual Book Club Brunch
One of our students and past Graduate Assistant, Rachael Kelly, went to an event this weekend. Read more about her experience at the Book Club Brunch hosted by Hachette Book Group! Saturday, October 20 was a happy day for readers in the city. (More)
Around Town | Meet the Authors Day in Harrison, New York
The Harrison Public Library will be hosting a "Meet the Authors" Day on Saturday, October 20, from 10 am to 5 pm. The event is free and open to the public with registration. Once registered, you can attend one or all of the sessions. Readers (More)
Quote of the Week | Walt Whitman
It's the third week of classes and everyone is starting to get back into their own schedule of working. For those who recently just moved to the Big Apple, (More)
Around Town: Book and Magazine Events in NYC
June 8, 2013 The Magathon From the New York Public Library: “Join us for the annual “marathon” reading in the Periodicals Room, with editors readi (More)
Link of the Week: New York Books
Summer is always the best time to catch up on reading. Whether you’re at the beach, taking a long road trip to see your family, or taking refuge from the heat in the cold library stacks, you always need new reading material. For this week’s link of t (More)
Link of the Week: Book Donation
This week we bring you the top links for New York City book donation and reading philanthropy. As any MS in Publishing student knows, books take up a lot of space! Do you have too many tomes on your shelves? Has your nightstand turned into a bookshel (More)
Jobs of the Week
Travel + Leisure Position: Project Manager Job Type: Full time, Freelance Location: New York City  Travel + Leisure seeks a project manager to assist with its annual Design Awards, which acknowledges the year’s best projects in architecture, de (More)
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