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Don't Fish, Do Fish: The 30th Anniversary of the Failure of Fishable, Swimmable Waters.
Today is an inauspicious occasion in American environmental history -- the thirtieth anniversary of the Federal Clean Water Act’s failure to meet its  July 1, 1983 policy goal of "water qua (More)
Where You Stand Depends On Where You Frack
©2010 MARQUIL, empirewire.com The Department of Interior's latest More)
Under Ground and Out Of Mind: Our Depleting Aquifers
An interview with Dr. Leonard Konikow, USGS Research Hydrologist. The exploitation of groundwater has become increasingly unsustainable, nationally and globally. A report by the More)
"Everywhere is resistance; Everywhere is Taksim": When a Park Becomes Something More
Beneath water cannons, barricades, and the fiercest citizen uprising in Turkey’s recent history is the story of one little park and the people who stood up for it. More)
EarthDesk Reader Reports On Taksim Gezi Park
Gill Buckle is an EarthDesk reader who commented on Caroline Craig's report on Taksim Gezi Park after his ret (More)
The Struggle to Achieve Water Security, Part One
The Challenge of Transboundary Waters. Indus River Valley near Leh, India. (Click to the nex (More)
Randall Munroe, xkcd
By Randall Munroe, xkcd.com, Licensed under Creative Commons Attr (More)
America's Aging Water Infrastucture: The Money Must Flow Too
There is little disagreement about the dire condition of our aging water infrastructure. And there is just as little being done about it.  "The current rate of replacement for aging collection and distribution systems nationwide is less than 1 percen (More)
Sustainable by xkcd
xkcd is the webcomic creation of Randall Munroe. Licensed under More)
Superfund 365: Merging Art and Visualization with the Environment
Dr. Francis Marchese is Professor of Computer Science at Pace University's Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems, and a Faculty (More)
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