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Stuck Between A Copyright and A Trademark
Banksy, an anonymous street artist based in England, famous, or infamous, for satirical and subversive graffiti, recently lost the trademark for one of his most well-known pieces, "Flower Bomber," which depicts a masked Palestinian throwing a bouquet (More)
"Everywhere is resistance; Everywhere is Taksim": When a Park Becomes Something More
Beneath water cannons, barricades, and the fiercest citizen uprising in Turkey’s recent history is the story of one little park and the people who stood up for it. More)
EarthDesk Reader Reports On Taksim Gezi Park
Gill Buckle is an EarthDesk reader who commented on Caroline Craig's report on Taksim Gezi Park after his ret (More)
The Struggle to Achieve Water Security, Part One
The Challenge of Transboundary Waters. Indus River Valley near Leh, India. (Click to the nex (More)
Water, Health and Human Behavior: In Kenya, A Troubling Mix
Over at National Public Radio's Planet Money blog, a provocative debate about water has broken out amongst commenters. More)
Gezi Park Update: Water Cannons Blast Protesters with Pepper Gas Chemical
Photo by Mstyslav Chernov (Self-photographed, http://ms (More)
Water Is a Women's Issue
Click here to download. More)
The Struggle to Achieve Water Security, Part Two
Alexandra Dapolito Dunn Reports from World Justice Forum IV. By Alexandra Dapolito Dunn Editor's Note: Alex Dunn's follow-up to More)
Achieving Water Security, Part 3: Striving for "Blue Peace" in the Eastern Himalayas
Toward a True India-Bangladesh Joint Rivers Commission. By Anumita Raj Editors Note: Our previous installments on water security and transboundary waters (More)
Safe Drinking Water, Political Will and Rule of Law: The Global Challenge
By John Oldfield Editor's Note: John Oldfield, CEO of WASH Advocates, reminds us universal safe dri (More)
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