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You Will Not Return to Your Regularly Scheduled Program
The COVID-19 pandemic shook traditional broadcast television upside down. The sudden spike in television viewership and side effects of the late-March quarantine season will be felt drastically this Fall. The challenges of developing and managing con (More)
Lamar Jackson Takes on Amazon Over Knockoff Apparel
The National Football League’s reigning MVP has filed suit against the world’s largest online retailer. Attorneys for Lamar Jackson, the wildly popular starting quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, filed a complaint against Amazon and one of its (More)
Advice from CCAR intern, Jenny Marbella!
Hi everyone! My name is Jenny Marbella and I am a Senior Marketing Major on the Pleasantville Campus. Currently I am involved in the AALANA mentorship program, which is a phenomenal mentoring program that allows you to guide a first-year student duri (More)
The War on Social Media: One Large Step Forward for State Agencies
Social Media has become an important and integral part of everyone's daily lives. But as with any technology, there are positive and negative attributes to social media. Social Media has many positive attributes, such as the ability to connect with l (More)
Parsons Networking Cocktail Event
The business of media brand licensing On October 28th, the New School will be hosting a program where licensing and branding professionals will discuss their experience in sales, negotiating, and marketing. Following the program, Parson's Executive (More)
Ariana Grande Battling "Forever 21" in $10 Million Infringement Lawsuit
A $10 million lawsuit filed in Federal District Court in Los Angeles on Sept. 2, 2019 involves famous pop-star Ariana Grande fighting the well-known fashion retailer, Forever 21. But why the lawsuit? And why at such a high price tag? According to (More)
Michael Avenatti Charged with Attempting to Extort over $20 Million from Nike
Stormy Daniels' attorney - Michael Avenatti - was charged with attempting to extort millions of dollars from Nike in exchange for his silence on the company’s sensitive matters. Avenatti met with company executives in New York City on Monday and thou (More)
Around Town | Brad Meltzer
Photo by: Luigi Novi Barnes and Noble in Union Square is having an event for the publication of The First Conspiracy: The Secret Plot to Kill George Washington. Brad Meltzer, (More)
How a Model Release Made Her the Poster Child for Everything
Student, Shubnum Khan signed what she believed was a simple model release to get free prints during a photo shoot. She had no idea that by doing t (More)
Internships at February Partners
February Partners and February Books, a boutique public relations, marketing, and publishing firm based in Union Square, is looking for summer interns! If you have any interest in marketing and general publishing, these would be great opportunities (More)
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