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If I were to sue "Gossip Girl."
If you grew up in New York and were a teenager in the early 2000s, you probably know the top-rated show "Gossip Girl." "Gossip Girl" is the alias for an anonymous blogger who creates chaos by making public the very intimate and personal lives of uppe (More)
Protesting Censorship in a Virtual Age
While change has been the theme of 2020, the same has applied to our community’s annual challenge to censorship. For 2020, Banned Books Week went virtual like many others. Banned Books Week celebrates the United States’ First Amendment freedom, to re (More)
Gigi Hadid Sued For Copyright Infringement After Posting Instagram Story
Supermodel Gigi Hadid was named the Defendant in another copyright lawsuit earlier this September. The lawsuit revolves around a June 2018 photo posted on her Instagram story. Robert O'Neil, a New-York based photographer, sued Hadid for copyright (More)
Performing Arts and Movies Hit Pause in Wake of COVID-19
In these uncertain times, virtually everyone is cooped up in their homes with seemingly little entertainment (aside from Netflix, but even that can get tiring - but yes, Netflix, I'm still watching you). Many are taking this time to bond with their f (More)
Meet our PLV #PaceVotes Volunteers!
Every semester the CCAR in Pleasantville has a number of passionate volunteers and interns working with us on our #PaceVotes initiative.  We'd like to introduce you to our current #PaceVotes volunteers - Emily Ambrocio and Jaida-Lee Colley.  They are (More)
The War on Social Media: One Large Step Forward for State Agencies
Social Media has become an important and integral part of everyone's daily lives. But as with any technology, there are positive and negative attributes to social media. Social Media has many positive attributes, such as the ability to connect with l (More)
New York Yankee Brett Gardner Forced to Act Against Crazed Fan
New York Yankee Outfielder Brett Gardner has a lot more to worry about than just this upcoming baseball season. Gardner has asked for an order from a Bronx judge to keep a crazed fan away from him and his family. The fan, Gina Devasahayam, refers (More)
Water Problems, Water Problems Everywhere . . .
Dry Ca (More)
New York - Con Ed Settlement Sets Stage for Climate Change Reform by Power Utilities
By Bobby Magill Climate Central EarthDesk welcomes Bobby Magill, a senior science writer for Climate Central who focuses on en (More)
12% of Iowa Swimming Beaches Unfit, but not Included in EPA Database
At present, 12% of Iowa's swimming beaches have elevated levels of  E. coli bacteria, according to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Beach Monitoring Progam (locations in yel (More)
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