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Final Blog Post: Voting Behavior Among Young Adults: An Analysis of Youth Voters and how Behavioral Economic Concepts can be Applied to Increase Young Voter Turnout
This experience was grueling at times, but I cannot begin to explain how rewarding it was. When I presented my research, it felt natural and my audience was actually interested in my topic. There are several things I have learned while doing my resea (More)
Reflection: Final Report
The past few weeks I followed classical and contemporary music to study its effects on my daily life. I dove into romantic era composer Frédéric Chopin and the influence of his Polonaise that not only musically stimulated my thoughts and encouragemen (More)
End of Summer Final Report
According the World Health Organization, approximately one-third of the human population is infected with tuberculosis.  This statistic is rather large in comparison to the percent of the population that individuals believe are infected with tubercul (More)
Final Report: Combining docking and free energy-based methods to improve virtual screening of drug candidates against HIV integrase
The title of this project is “Combining docking and free energy-based methods to improve virtual screening of drug candidates against HIV integrase.” Because HIV integrase is a key protein in the HIV-AIDS virus, the purpose of our research was to uti (More)
Final Report Summary: The Persistence and Retention of First-Year Business Undecided Students
I began this research with the intention of improving my skills as a Peer Leader in my university 101 classes. In my past 3 years as a Peer Leader with Carolyn Endick, the professor of the UNV101 class and the Assistant Director of New Student Progra (More)
Final Report - Temporal Structures in Individuals with Dementia: An Ongoing Study
With this summer coming to a close,  I'm incredibly grateful for this opportunity I've had.  From some personal experiences, I have been led to believe that research is usually reserved for students at the graduate level. Because of this, I appreciat (More)
Becoming Trans News - Final Report
Becoming Trans News is a study focused on ordinary trans and gender nonconforming individuals' experiences being featured in the news. The term ordinary meaning those who are non-prominent, rather than the usual news subjects such as politicians, cel (More)
The Price is Wrong: The Social and Fiscal Costs of Current U.S. Public Policy on Crime
In my research, I analyzed the costs of the United States’ current prison system. The issues I focused on were mass incarceration, high recidivism rates, racial bias, and the school-to-prison pipeline. Throughout the nation, thousands are being place (More)
Final Report: Binding Capacity of Sulfa Antibiotics and Nanoceramics
This summer I worked with Professor Mojica to continue my study regarding the binding capacity of nanoceramics and sulfa antibiotics. We have been working on this project since the 2017-2018 school year and I presented my the beginnings of my researc (More)
The Project Final Report
Sophie MacArthur Dr. Florescu   August 22,  2018 The Project   I really enjoyed working on this research project with my mentor, Doctor Catalina Florescu. I was honored when she asked me to do it with her at the end of the fall se (More)
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