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Are "Ethically Chic" Companies Really Ethical?
By Noushi Rahman How do companies such as American Apparel, Apple, Starbucks, Timberland, Tom's of Maine, and Trader Joe's acquire such a pr (More)
The Struggle to Achieve Water Security, Part One
The Challenge of Transboundary Waters. Indus River Valley near Leh, India. (Click to the nex (More)
Water in the Anthropocene
http://vimeo.com/66087863 Water in the Anthropocene is a 3-minute film charting the global impact of humans on the water cycle. Evidence is growing that our global footprint is now so significant we hav (More)
Survival of the Fittest
By Neil S. Braun Neil S. Braun is dean of the Lubin School of Business (More)
The 007 Water Campaign: Talkin' the Talk & Walkin' the Walk
Pace University student (More)
Water Infrastructure and the White House
An Update from Alexandra Dapolito Dunn On June 14, we reported on the financial crisis faced by communities in need of water infra (More)
Report: A "New Normal" Needed to Protect Insurance Companies from Climate Change
Think Tank Recommends Industry Climate Activism. The world's leading insurance think tank is calling for a new definition of normal weather conditions because of the impacts of climate change and ocean warming on the insurance industry. In its t (More)
The Struggle to Achieve Water Security, Part Two
Alexandra Dapolito Dunn Reports from World Justice Forum IV. By Alexandra Dapolito Dunn Editor's Note: Alex Dunn's follow-up to More)
CAFOs 101
First in a Series about Animals, Agriculture and the Environment. What is a CAFO? First, let's parse. A CAFO is a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation. Some call it a Confined Animal Feeding Operation. You are already getting the idea. “Feedin (More)
The Energy-Water Collision Ahead
But it will not be averted by defining water as just another component of energy production. No matter where you l (More)
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