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Don't Fish, Do Fish: The 30th Anniversary of the Failure of Fishable, Swimmable Waters.
Today is an inauspicious occasion in American environmental history -- the thirtieth anniversary of the Federal Clean Water Act’s failure to meet its  July 1, 1983 policy goal of "water qua (More)
Why Fresh Water Is Precious
The sphere on the left represents Earth with all of the water removed. The blue sphere to the right shows the approximate volume of all of Earth's wat (More)
Earth Day: Something Old, Something Blue
Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson, 1916-2005 In 1969, Gaylord Nelson proposed the creation of an Earth Day.  He was a United States S (More)
Says Who?
Do you believe: Water pollution is illegal? Cage-free hens are con (More)
The Economic Integrity of Water?
Can water have economic integrity? A team of students from Pace University's Lubin School of Business believe so and have called for an amendment to the More)
Marine Invasives Spawn Multi-Billion Dollar Industry
Technological innovations that eliminate invasive aquatic species and pathogens from ship More)
To Find Another Earth, Find Water First
But Kepler-62f Offers No Oasis When Earth Runs Out.
Where You Stand Depends On Where You Frack
[caption id="attachment_1479" align="alignright" width="360"] ©2010 MARQUIL, empirewire.com The Department of Interior's latest More)
Water Protection Shortchanged by Interior's Proposed Fracking Rules
By Monika Freyman EarthDesk welcomes guest blogger Monika Freyman who analyzes for us the adequacy of the fracking standa (More)
Under Ground and Out Of Mind: Our Depleting Aquifers
An interview with Dr. Leonard Konikow, USGS Research Hydrologist. The exploitation of groundwater has become increasingly unsustainable, nationally and globally. A report by the More)
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